Experience / Adventure Sessions

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For some, an adventure session is a day hike and sunset portrait session at a state park, for others, it might be a ten-day backpacking trip in Southern Colorado. Maybe it's an overnight trip with days spent exploring and portrait sessions every night.

Whatever you want your adventure session to look like, I want to help make it happen.

I worked for almost 3 years as a trip leader and climbing wall instructor at a local adventure program and have experience planning, shopping for, implementing, and leading outdoor adventure trips--from caving, to kayaking, to canoeing, to backpacking.

I also have up-to-date Wilderness First Responder certification, so if something goes wrong on our trip I can provide medical assistance.

Combining my technical outdoor skills, logistical knowledge, and my photography, I can help craft a trip that best fits your needs and captures all those special little memories--the kind you'll preserve in a photo album and then crack open one day to show your grandkids.