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adventurous photography documenting human connection and the gritty in-between


my portrait session prices will be changing starting Jan. 1, 2019. if you book before that day, you lock in my current rate.
 Graduate Session  STARTING RATE: $250

Graduate Session

 Wedding / Elopement  STARTING RATE: $2,500

Wedding / Elopement

 Couple’s Session  STARTING RATE: $400

Couple’s Session

 Experience / Adventurous Portraits  StARTING RATE: $500

Experience / Adventurous Portraits


the dirtbag discount

Do you work in outdoor recreation? Are you looking to book an elopement or portrait session in your favorite wild place, but are worried you can’t afford it? (because—let’s be real—river guiding is great and all but it doesn’t really leave you with a huge savings account).

Tell me about your program and ask me about my Dirtbag Discount when you send in your inquiry!




First off, CONGRATS!

You are at such a fun spot--a beginning AND an end. I wanna hear about it! Our session will be lots of chatting and posing and dancing and hair flips and struttin' your stuff. If this sounds like your style, let's connect!


Weddings are special events, bringing two people into the wonderful act of lifelong co-humaning! Wedding photos should capture that--the excitement, anticipation, emotion, and details of the day. Because my work is so invested in supporting and capturing your relationship, I work with you as a couple on wedding prep, consults, and decisions, not just one individual or any other party, even if someone else is paying for your photos!  

Wedding photos are one of the few "purchases" of your wedding day that you will hold onto for years to come. The flowers wilt and the details of the day may fade, but your photos should stand the test of time: an immortalization of the emotion, the moments, the magic.

Staying away from posed photos, I aim for the raw and gritty. I want your wedding photos to reflect who YOU are. 

As your wedding photographer, I want to be your ally. Through pre-wedding day consultations, either in person or via Skype, we will talk through all of your options to help make the most of your day.

I offer four different wedding packages to help meet your needs. Contact me and I'll send them your way!


I LOVE getting to know people and portrait sessions give me the incredible opportunity to hang out with rad humans.

If having a camera in your face is intimidating, or if you're nervous about posing--DON'T FRET. I've got you covered. Our session will be laid back and fun--expect lots of shenanigans.

Just like with all the photography I do, this is about telling your story. What better way to do that than making your session YOURS? From shotgunning beers, poppin' champagne, to wearing ugly Christmas sweaters and bringing along a furry friend, there are SO many ways to personalize your shoot.


Do you love sleeping under the stars? Does hiking through a slot canyon sound like a good way to spend your morning? Do you want a way to capture all those gritty moments--the morning coffee, the afternoon snuggles, the looks of wonder?

You may be wondering what the heck an "adventure" session looks like. The short answer is: it varies.