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Two of my favorite spaces are cities + deserts—and those two places are exactly what inspired this preset pack.

Beasley, Anna Claire-2-23.jpg

 This preset pack includes my much-requested desert preset “BIG BEND.” This preset is my go-to for everything, and I’m so excited to share it with you. This preset is derived from my favorite desert tones—warm temperatures, green hues, and flat whites. It’s the kinda preset you throw on a Caamp album to while you edit.


What’s Included?


my go-to preset for natural lighting scenarios.


a black and white preset perfect for the city-loving traveler. With deep shadows, a film-like grain, and cool tones this preset has a moody, gritty vibe.


named after the laundry mat Danny and I did all our laundry at during our first year of marriage, also called my “Shitty Lighting” preset. It helps correct dark, yellow-y, indoor artificial lighting situations. This preset is great for wedding receptions with no natural light or in-home sessions that need a lil cooler temps.


add yummy grain to any photo.


short videos that show how to import the files into lightroom and how I edit using these presets.






I shoot with a Nikon D750, auto white balance, camera raw and slightly underexposed.

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