- Victoria + Garrett

My husband and I had the great privilege of shooting our engagement photos and our wedding photos with Anna Claire. When we found Anna Claire’s work on Instagram, we knew immediately we wanted to do a session with her. The warmth and whimsical nature of her photography drew us in immediately. Additionally, I was impressed by her deep love for Big Bend. She knows the area like the back of her hand, and there was no better person to take us exploring through the desert and capture amazing engagement photos at the same time. It was so fun to experience a place we love with someone who cares about the outdoors as much as we do.

When Garrett and I started planning our wedding we wanted to make sure everything about that day was done with intent. It was important to us that our wedding be filled with love and joy, not stress and fatigue as we so often heard from couples who have gotten married before us. So when choosing our wedding photographer we knew that Anna Claire would share our values and vision for our wedding day. There are so many choices when planning a wedding and it can feel overwhelming, but choosing Anna Claire was so easy. She believes that what should always be in the forefront is the celebration of love. Having her at our wedding was like having an old friend with us. All of our guests loved her and she became a vital part of our wedding day. More importantly, she captured all the love and joy we felt on our day. If you need someone to capture the best moments of your life, Anna Claire is the photographer for you.

Anna Claire Beasley