Things to Consider



First off, what are YOU comfortable in? Don't feel like just because you're having someone take your pictures that you need to do anything but be your normal self. Trust me. If you wear things you normally wear, not only will you be so much more comfortable during the shoot, you'll also look back on the photos and feel like they are a true representation of yourself!

Secondly, think neutral tones.

Neutral isn't just whites and greens! Every color has a neutral version:

Yellow --> Mustard

Green --> Olive

Blue --> Navy

Brown --> Tan

Red --> Burgundy

Neutral colors help your clothing complement the location and keep your skin tones lookin' natural. Bright colors like bright reds and sunshine yellows will reflect light and, consequently, change the color of your skin. 



The shoot is all about you, so if you want to bring your bestie or momma to cheer you on then go for it!

It is VERY rare for issues to occur when friends tag along. Plus, I love getting to know your pals and use them to make the shoot more fun!

HOWEVER, I've had a few sessions where friends and moms have nit-picked and teased, causing my client to feel self-conscious and uncomfortable. 

I don't want that to happen to you!!

If your dad or friend disrupts the flow of the shoot, critiques my shooting technique, or keeps you from being yourself during the shoot, that is no bueno. 

I seek out the gritty in-between, the little moments that make up the big ones, and if your sister keeps stepping in to fix your hair between every shot, that makes it really hard for me to do that.

That said, if you do plan on bringing someone along on the shoot, make sure to set expectations with them. When you set expectations, there will rarely be any issues during the shoot. Let your fam know the details, what we will be doing, and how it will go down,and if they have specific shots they have in mind for you, we can get em at the end!



Hair and make-up is an art--like photography, it's a way of using knowledge of light to highlight (haha. no pun intended) your natural facial structure and style.

Unfortunately, lots of the time people are scared to be honest with their HMUA about what they want, or whether or not they like how they've been styled!

So often, I've had women show up to a shoot, fixing their hair and wiping off make-up to redo it themselves.

You don't need that added stress on your day!

Instead, just speak honestly with your HMUA about what you want. Like selecting your photog, pick someone whose style you like and give them examples of what you want. If it doesn't look the way you imagined, let them know so they can have an opportunity to correct it, rather than you trying to wipe it off and fix it quickly in the car before your shoot.